15 popular myths about strippers

Strippers are being known of several stuff both good and bad depending on one’s perspective. Several of them are not the truth but myths which people take assumptions and spread from one tongue to another ear. There are several myths and almost 17 popular myths about strippers which i will highlight to you in this context. Now, sit and relax to know the truth about strippers.
sexy-dancerFirst, most people think that strippers are broke desperate ladies who strip to support their families. In some situations they think that strippers are just single mothers who desperately have issues with kids daddies thus having themselves dance in strip clubs to get men attention so as to get tips and support their families. The truth is that most strippers are not mothers and they are not desperate for money as they are doing dancing as a part time job and they are close to their parents.

  • It is a myth also to think strippers are unhappy about their job. Some people think that strippers don’t like their job thus doing it as a last resort job. That’s not the case, strippers are fully satisfied with their job.
  • Strippers are lazy ladies is another myth. People think that strippers are lazy and opportunistic for single or lonely men’s money.
  • Another one of the 15 popular myths about strippers is the look of a strippers. They think strippers always look nude and half-naked in a short, top and tons of make-ups but that’s not the case because you may find a better chances dressing like a school teacher.
  • Strippers do drugs at work is a popular myth. The truth is that strippers may not need to be in an altered state to do the job but some strippers may do one or two tots to get in the work mode.
  • All strippers have sex for money idea is a myth. You should know prostitution and escorting is different from stripping and therefore don’t think that lap dances are accompanied by additional services such as sex.
  • 995052_718687024870098_9034571527170229883_nStrippers get paid by strip clubs. That’s a myth and opposite of the truth because strippers have to incur costs of paying the club to work and get paid through tips.
  • Myth that strippers care not about work conditions. This is a myth and the truth is that strippers are labor activists and the club therefore manage every aspect of stripper’s work and labor.
  • Men go to strip clubs for sexual activities and excitement. This is a myth and you should know that there are no sexual activities because strip clubs are only meant for fantasy and not sex.
  • Strippers desperately look for customers. This is not true because strippers never look to hook up with customers that shows that nobody goes to get a stripper in a strip club.
  • Most strippers are known to be gold diggers who lie for money is also a big myth.
  • Almost everyone think strippers are sex addicts who can’t get into a serious relationship because the get no satisfaction.
  • Strippers are prostitutes is a myth. If you get an extra service from a stripper in the back room, don’t think they are prostitutes.
  • Strippers are college girls looking for money to pay for is a myth. Because not all strippers claim to be students.
  • Myth that strippers get sexually molested and end up in sexual trauma always goes around and you must know that its not true.
  • Most people say that strippers are degrading themselves is a total myth. But for god’s you better stay away from strip clubs and let them make their money.

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