Steps to romantic love

It is human nature to want to be loved. It is in our DNA as a species and we are perpetually seeking love in our social circles as early as in our toddler days. Love is to the human condition what moisture is to the germination process in plants. The reality, however, is that love is not in the air. It takes different forms and a really long route before it is readily available for one to enjoy and live in the delight of having found it. People share love in either exclusive or polygamous relationships. It is through the weave of relationships that people establish friendships and relationships for them to achieve romantic love.

060b0c6e9f8d0ad4f9f0fe6d3b5b9bedInitial steps to romantic love

The first steps in developing romantic love involve acting on our attraction towards our prospective partner. This involves letting the attraction flow and the feeling the power of emotions course through us. The first step begins as an acquaintance. The second step typically comes to the processing of the personality of our prospective lover and becoming sensitive to their emotional needs. The third step involves intimate sharing and physical touching as lovers get more comfortable and trusting of one another to share their inner selves with one another.

a7-JpXRLZmwLast steps to romantic love

The last steps in developing romantic love involve emotional grounding and gifting. Emotional grounding can be said to be the stage of self-assurance and overcoming the self-doubt that comes with the intense feeling of attraction toward a newly found love. The last step in developing romantic love involves gifting in which partners share gifts with one another to celebrate their romance.
Although romantic love is not “fixed in stone” it usually take the route of a roller coaster for it to flourish, contrary to what most people envision as in movies and romance novels. Nonetheless, it is worth all the while since there is really nothing greater and more precious than love. Do not let your expectations or doubts to finding romantic love overwhelm you. Simply go with the flow!

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